Let me introduce myself


My name is Lucille and I am the mother of a little princess, I am a wedding planner full of enthusiasm and will be the one to accompany you all along your big adventure in our beautiful region.

Dynamic, always listening to your needs, I am committed to plan a wedding to your image.

Curious, I enjoy letting myself engulfed in the bride and groom's cultures, getting inspiration from other countries in order to make your Day unique.

Creative, I can also design the settings of your ceremony and your reception, proposing new ideas to enhance the theme you chose.

Because I care about the environment and I am passionate about my region, I use local service providers who share the same objectives and offer the best local products when possible.

I won't tell you more at this point as the personal interaction between the wedding planner and the bride and groom is very important .

 We should meet. This first meeting is free of charge and non-binding.


See you soon!


Why choose me ?


Wedding planners are in fashion but using an agency present many advantages and can be adapted to all budgets.

You lack the time? You live far away? You are afraid? I'll be there for you in the best of times but also in moments of stress or doubt.

Either for a full planning or for personalised advices, I can offer a service adapted to all couples because You Are Unique and because I will personalise all my services to your requirements.

I can set your decor, help with the choice of theme, stage the day's events.

I can help you choose the service providers and coordinate the delivery, I can help with administrative tasks or find accommodations for your guests.

 I can provide you with a comprehensive budget for part or the full event.

Over the years, I have surrounded myself with a solid team and high quality service providers so Your Day will remain in everybody's memory.

Choosing my agency allows you to be assisted at every step of a wedding and always with the same service providers : from making your wedding proposal, to planning the engagement party, staging the announcement to  the family, the hen night, the stag night, wedding anniversary, renewal of vows...

Hoy does it work ?


You might worry about trusting someone you don't know with such an important task: planning your special day.

 This is why I propose a first meeting free of charge in all simplicity, around a drink, by phone or by Skype.

 During this first meeting you can ask me all the questions you want and that will allow me to better understand your requirements and to propose personalised services in line with your project and budget.

After this first meeting, I will send you a first estimate which we can discuss and readjust as all our services are flexible.

Once the estimate has been accepted, we will meet again for the « creative brief ».

We will then go into the details of Your project in order to define your expectations and enact an action plan.

This meeting is important because this is when you will express your wishes and your ideas even the craziest ones!

I will then be able to create for you a complete, custom-made, wedding plan.

Of course, for those of you unable to meet in The Montpellier area, these meetings can be organised via Skype or any other convenient means.


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