It is the preferred formula for the bride and groom for a serene wedding.

  •   Complete planning of the wedding.     
  • Looking for all service providers and price negotiations.
  • Looking for the place of reception
  • Support during appointments.

  • Help in choosing the dress and costume.

  • Regular briefs.

  • Personalized support throughout the planning.

  • D-Day Coordination.


From 1800 euros

Formule "French Kiss"

Tailor-made organization, according to your needs:


 Looking for for one or more service providers, search for the place of reception, accompaniment during appointments and price negotiation, assistance in choosing the dress or costume, making and sending invitations, search for accommodation and activities for guests, making a retro planning and a provisional budget.


From 150 euros

Formule "Don't worry, Be happy"

Choose this formula if you want to take care only of yourself and your guests on the day! Your wedding planner will be there to reassure you, but also to welcome and coordinate the different service providers, set up the activities and manage the unexpected.  Read our article "D-Day coordination, why use a wedding planner?" on the blog.


From 550 euros


  • Decoration of your secular ceremony.

  • Search for accommodation and activities for your guests.

  • Personalized support for


  • Rental of decorative elements and chair covers.

Feel free to send us your wildest requests!

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